Property management

Easier and faster effective decision-making for the maintenance of your property and additional profitability

The better you care for a property, the higher it price is and the more attractive it becomes for guests and clients. The specificities of the maintenance of vacation properties make many investors and owners sustain losses, loose profit and let their assets without development. 
Change that and maximize the profits from your property, assigning its management to a team, who are highly experienced in property management. 

What is included in the property management service?
Overall maintenance of the facilities, management of all processes, related to daily cleaning, technical maintenance, security, landscaping, DDD, etc., resulting in the preservation of the value of the property and making the stay there pleasant. We propose that we also get involved in the development of the tourist activity at your property.
We undertake the negotiations with the individual owners at your vacation property and the implementation of the decisions made for its maintenance and development. 
How will you benefit from using HMG’s “property management” service?

  • Additional profitability – we support and develop the property and the tourist activities therein, so that we attract more clients. 
  • Efficient decision-making, irrespective of the number of owners – one of the specificities of the management and maintenance of vacation properties is the need to coordinate the desires and interests of multiple individual property owners. Our team has vast experience in this respect – successfully negotiating with all the owners, we implement the decisions, which are the most effective for the management and maintenance of the property. 
  • Peace of mind and security – HMG’s team undertakes all the maintenance and the tourist activity at your apartment hotel or apartment complex. We undertake to work to your best interest and utilize the skills and experience of each of our employees – experts in various areas of the travel and hospitality sector – so that we ensure the maximum development of your property and improve its image. 

Who is this service suitable for?
For investors and owners of apartment hotels, apartment complexes and vacation villages of any type.  

If you are looking for efficient management of your property and maximizing the yields from it, get in touch with us.