Project management

Transform your hotel ideas into an operational business with our help
We offer project management, monitoring and supervision at each and every type of the implementation of your hotel ideas. This will help you minimize costs, commissioning timeline, possible mistakes. With the help of experienced specialists, you will transform your project into a profitable business. 

What is included in HMG’s “project management” service?

Management, monitoring and supervision of each phase in the project implementation – this is what our team will bring to you. 

Concept design to detailed design phases 
We work in close cooperation with the designer, in order to achieve maximum functionality of the design. Our experts’ experience is invaluable in aligning the human-flow, fixing the systems – low-voltage, HVAC, water-supply and sewerage, etc. – in line with the requirements for the respective hotel category and its operational needs. 

Construction permit phase
We consult you on the required documentation – from the construction permit to the permit of use (act 16). We provide cooperation in the collection and preparation of the documents and save a lot of bureaucratic obstacles, time and risks of fines for mistakes and omissions. 

Pre-opening Phase 

  • We organize competitions for the selection of contractors for the furnishing, kitchen appliances, washing appliances and their maintenance, conference centre equipment, etc. 
  • We undertake the pricing and the preparation of: the budget, risk management strategy, marketing strategy, Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), estimated cash flows for 5 to 10 years. 
  • We undertake the overall organization and preparation for opening the property. 
  • We take care, after the commissioning of the hotel, of the selection and training of the personnel. Property categorization. Opening.  

What you get is an excellently functioning hotel, operational business and at your discretion, a trusted partner in the management and maintenance of the property – our team. HMG, we are professionals.