Hotel management

Maximum financial results and better reputation for your hotel 

Sign a general management contract for your hotel or hotel complex, to get maximum profit out of it, while ensuring continuous development and improvement of the property. 

What is the “management contract” service?

The hotel owner assigns its management to an operator, who manages it on owner’s behalf and for his account. 

When you sign a management contract with us, we use all our professionalism, expertise, skills and experience in the development of your property, improvement of its reputation and attracting clients. We receive an agreed fee, linked to the financial results achieved, which is negotiated with you in accordance with the assigned scope of obligations and responsibilities.

How do you benefit from signing a management contract with HMG?

  • Reputation. The high level of personal commitment on our side is guaranteed, considering the fact that our fee is a function of the outcome of our performance at your property.
  • Improvements to the reputation of the hotel and development of the services – your property is managed by a professional team, focusing all their efforts on its development, maintenance, the provision of perfect services – the key factors for more and regular clients. 
  • Complete transparency in the owner-operator. We manage your hotel, through your company, which ensures clarity and control over all cash flows.
  • Less responsibility. We, as your hotel operator, make decisions for the management of the property. You only supervise our performance. 

Who is this service suitable for 
Hotel owners, hotel complexes, apartment hotels. 

If you want a higher yield from your property, get in touch with us, HMG’s team, so that we can discuss the options for the hotel management contract.