Financial management

Stability and planned development of your hotel business 

The skilful financial management and long-term financial planning ensure the stability of your hotel business and the capability to take well-motivated decisions for it future development. Make sure that your hotel stands on solid ground with the help of our expert team. 

What is included in HMG’s “financial management” service?

  • Budgeting – to ensure maximum predictability, allowing you to make informed decisions regarding the asset development.
  • Supervision of the financial flows – in order to improve all revenue indicators - ADR, REVPAR, GOPPAR. 
  • Cost optimization – in order to make sure that your costs are justified and carefully analysed. 
  • Revenue management – in order to achieve maximum return on the investment in the asset. 

How will you benefit from using our expert support in the financial management of your hotel? 

  • Higher profits. 
  • Effective management of your asset

Who is the service suitable for?

For investors, who want to be prepared for any situation, to ensure stable development of their hotel/hotel complex, to retain the operational activities under their direct supervision and use support for its efficient financial management by experts, experienced in this sector. 

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