Hotel Rental

You receive guaranteed, pre-negotiated yields from your hotel

Rent out your hotel – assigns us the responsibility and risk and just receive a guaranteed amount from your asset’s lessee. 

What is the “hotel rental” service 
The owner lets the lessee use his hotel, together with all the equipment and facilities in the hotel, for a certain period of time and against a specified fee. 

The hotel rental agreement is the most common legal form of relations between owners and hotel operators throughout Europe. It is usually signed for a minimum period of 3 to 5 years. 

How you benefit from using HMG’s “hotel rental” service

  • Guaranteed income – the amount that you will receive in equal time intervals, is agreed in advance between you and our team. 
  • Zero risk and peace of mind – we manage your property, you get your money, with no further obligations. 
  • Maintenance and development of the hotel – our team manages and maintains the property so that it is attractive for guests and tourists. 

If your main business is different, or if you do not have enough time for the management of your property, you can use our services. Save yourself all the trouble, lost profit, losses. Rent it to specialists. We, at HMG, have many years of experience in the areas of travel and hospitality, as well as the expertise, skills and capabilities to develop your property. 

We will manage in our name, for our account and at our risk. And you get your guaranteed income from it.  

Who is this service suitable for? 
Hotel owners, hotel complexes or apartment hotels. 

Contact us, so that we can prepare our proposal and discuss with you the options for renting your hotel.