Consulting services

Manage your hotel effectively under any circumstances 

The management of a hotel or hotel complex requires specific skills and experience and – in most cases – a strong team. The areas, to be part of the everyday focused efforts, are many and so are the relevant tasks. It is important to ensure perfection in all detail, without losing focus on the whole picture. 

In order to optimize the process and make sure that your hotel is attractive for the clients and to maximize your profit, you may sometimes need some help. 

What is included in HMG’s consulting services?

For functioning hotels, our team performs: 

•    benchmarking,
•    financial audit,
•    business analysis,
•    budgeting and forecasting, 
•    strategic consulting,
•    temporary management,
•    crisis management,
•    revenue management,
•    marketing and sales,
•    renegotiation of lease or management agreements, representing the owner/investor. 

In the management of your hotel, it is normal to face difficulties and issues, which seem unsolvable. No matter what their nature is, you can count on our expert help. In every stage of development of your hotel business, you will face challenges. Together, we can turn them into victories. 

How will you benefit from using our consulting services?

•    Expert support for more efficient management – our team of experts in the hospitality sector is at your disposal. We have vast experience, covering a wide range of areas and services in this sector. 

•    Stable financial results and return on your hotel investment.

•    High degree of client satisfaction and excellent online reputation.

The combination of our experience, high customer service standards and the uniqueness of your hotel ensures that your property will be properly operating and profitable, liked and preferred by clients. 

Get in touch with us to discuss what type of help you need.